First, a bit about you

You value people, meaningful connection, and authenticity. Helping people is your passion, and now you want to develop your brand on and offline.

Thing is…

You don’t want to worry about digital publishing software, site optimization, and the nitty gritty technical hoops that come with building a site. You’d rather spend your time and energy finding, working with, and retaining new clients!

That’s where Creative Cove comes in.

At Creative Cove, designs are made to work for you and reflect your vision

Creative Cove is a graphic and web design boutique dedicated to branding solutions for heart-centred biz owners:

  • Life coaches
  • Therapists
  • Health and fitness coaches
  • Visual artists
  • Complementary and alternative medicine practitioners
  • Healers and spiritual practitoners

If you want designs that reflect your warmth, elegance, and personality, you’re at the right place!

Creative Cove’s mission is to help you look your best and spread your message in a way that suits you and your clientele/tribe/niche.

I’m Michelle Currie, the tea & font fanatic!

Branding and design can be a bit overwhelming for helpreneurs. As an expressive arts practitioner and energy worker myself, I know what that’s like because I’ve been there!

The great thing is that I also happen to LOVE design and want to help you help more people.

Here are some other bits of info about me:

  • I’ve been immersing myself in web design since 2007, including design and copywriting courses at George Brown College in Toronto
  • I put 110% of myself into my work, and here are recommendations from clients to prove it
  • I’ve written wellness articles for Canadian Living,  Alive, and Vitality magazines
  • I have an M.Ed. degree in Adult Education from the University of Toronto
  • Challenge isn’t my middle name, but I love it!
  • Drumming, painting, tea, and being outdoors fuel my creativity


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Your website should make you feel comfortable and confident!

Most important, it should reflect your warmth and vibe, espcially as a heart-centred business owner! If you want a custom site that you can edit on the fly and show off (especially on your smartphone), you’re in the right place!